Our story

farm cart


Sweet Wheel Farm & Flowers was created to fill a need for fresh food in our community. Summerland is classified as a food desert, meaning a lack of grocery stores and farmer’s markets leave the citizens of Summerland with few options for fresh produce and healthy food. During the tragic mudslides of 2018, Summerland was cut off from the rest of the world, and cut off from the food supply chain. The devastating effects of the tragedy and the consequences of no grocery stores in Summerland reached a turning point when one customer told our owner and CEO Leslie Person Ryan of how, in a moment of desperation, she ended up in a fight over the liquor store’s “last stale sandwich”. “What should I have done?” she asked us, “I have three children.” Summerland needed a supplier of farm-fresh produce and we sprang into action to create Sweet Wheel Farms.

We are a pesticide free, locally sourced produce stand offering a beautiful selection of flowers, fresh-out-of-the-oven baked goods, and a variety of local artisan products. In response to COVID-19, we are a “no touch” cart - we believe it is important to offer a place to get fresh food without having to stand in long lines, and without having the food compromised by too many handlers. We invite our customers to take a look around, pick out their favorite veggies and fruit, and one of our Farm Cart Educators will be happy to assist in putting together your order!

Sweet Wheel Farm & Flowers currently has two cart locations - one in the heart of Summerland on Lillie Avenue and one in the heart of Montecito on Coast Village Road. We have two farms, one located in Orcutt and one located in Summerland. We are partnered with Carpinteria School District, and our Educational Coordinator works together with the school to create a curriculum for the elementary students. Our mission is to provide educational resources for sustainable agriculture, educate the public on the benefits of eating fresh foods, supporting our local farmers and fostering a sense of community through food.